Text 11 Apr Unique Monique: The Western struggle for individualism, 20-something women’s edition.

Creative writing and cultural reflections [relatively] unrelated to missions.

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Text 4 Apr 3 notes Counting down!

Hey everyone,

I am officially set to leave for Zambia on April 15th, and I’ll be back to New Mexico in October.  I have been working hard doing different admin work for our expeditions, and doing last minute things before I leave!  Please pray that everything will go smoothly—from final team member contacts, recruiting, and packing, to travel on the 15th.  Thanks and love you all!

Text 30 Jan 1 note FUNDED!


Today marks the OFFICIAL day of my 100% funding!  I have had 100% pledged for about a month now but there were a few things that needed to be squared away before it became official.  And now it is!  Thanks to all of you who have prayed for me during this fundraising time, and thanks especially to everyone on my support team.  You are all amazing and I am so grateful to have you be a part of my ministry in Africa and beyond.

You can now find me on the staff page on Overland’s website :)

If, by chance, any of you are thinking “Wait! I totally wanted to be a part of your support team! Is it too late?” Nope! It’s not too late!  Over the coming months and years, some partners may need to stop their giving for various reasons; this could/will leave me in a minor pickle, in which I would need to come back to the States and itinerate.  For this reason it is always good to have a bit of a buffer.  The extra support will go into savings and an emergency fund.  If you feel called to partner with me, please email me or message me and we can talk about it.  You are STILL needed!  I want you to be a part of what God is doing.

What’s next you say?  Good question.  I’m not positive even about what’s happening tomorrow! (I am planning on driving up to Boulder/Denver area, but with the snow forecast I may postpone it another day!)  I will be doing recruiting for expeditions for the next month or two.  We really need people who are willing to give up two weeks to minister in Africa this summer!  I will be in Colorado for a little over a week meeting with some interested friends and hopefully speaking at some churches. 

After that, I will be heading to Overland’s regional conferences in Hobbs and Portales, NM.  You can find more information about these conferences at www.overlandmissions.com.  Everyone is invited to come!

I still hope to head to both Nashville, TN and Vancouver, BC to recruit for expeditions before I go back to Zambia.  My launch date is to be determined, but you can trust I will post that on here as soon as I know!  It will hopefully/definitely be some time in April, if not sooner.

God has been so faithful throughout this process and I’m excited for what the future holds. All glory to Him!

Text 22 Nov Michigan and home again

Hi everyone!

I just got back from Michigan where I visited family and worked to build my support team.

Trinity Lutheran Church

I got a chance to speak at the adult Sunday School at Trinity Lutheran Church in New Era, MI.  (My aunt, uncle and cousins go to the church.)  I had a wonderful time sharing about Zambia and everyone was very kind, welcoming, and had great questions.  Afterwards people just came up to me and handed me donations (I hadn’t even appealed for money at all!) and we had to get a little basket to hold it all.  The generous congregation donated over $200 to my ministry in Zambia! 

I am so blessed to have been able to share with you all.  Thank you for your generosity and prayers, and for giving me the chance to share with you.


After a great trip to Michigan I am back home in New Mexico, where I have been welcomed by the first big snow of the season! It’s good to be back.

Please pray with me that my fundraising will continue to move along—I want to be finished by Christmas day!

Thank you and love you all.

Text 13 Nov 1 note

I’m back from 5 days in Juarez/Anapra, Mexico, where I joined a ministry new to me, Gateway Mission Training Center and a group from a church in my hometown in building a house for a young family.  Dulce, Gabriel, and Allison (4 years old) are an absolutely loveable little family who are now living in their brand new home in Anapra!  Together with them and the local Gateway team, we built the house in 3 days!


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Text 5 Nov 1 note ==>Florida==>Home==>Mexico

I just got back from an intinerating trip to Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida!  I got to meet up with a lot of great people that I miss a lot, and many of them are interested in joining my support team!  It was overall a great trip, although it felt pretty hectic trying to book all my appointments and get to them all without a car—I was exhausted by the end! 

God definitely guided my entire trip.  I hardly had to spend any money on food (I had an $11 per day budget but averaged only $5 per day!) because God provided for nearly every meal through generous friends and even random strangers.  I never mentioned anything about my food budget, yet somehow I only had to pay for about 3-4 meals the entire time.  Then I seemingly randomly flipped to this verse:

2 Corinthians 8:15 “Whoever gathered much had nothing left over, and whoever gathered little had no lack.”

Most of my money that I’ve made over the years has been spent on missions.  So, I haven’t honestly “gathered much.”  Yet I have experienced no lack—God has provided for my every need and my trip to Florida was full of overwhelming financial provision.  I’m not boasting in my own faith at all.  In fact, I was a whiny and worried little poop head the first day and a half of my trip after having completely blown my budget.  But God is still so loving and so good and He provided for every need.  I know He will continue to do so as I raise funds to go back to Zambia and work for Overland full-time.

Next up is a small 5 day trip to Juarez, Mexico, with one of the churches in my home town.  We will be building a house for a needy family there.  Those of you who know me well realize that this is normally not my cup of tea.  I am always very wary of humanitarian “handouts” and how they may impact the local economy (sometimes negatively).

Yet when I was invited to go on this house build, I felt strongly that the Lord wanted me to participate.  I can see the hearts of the sending church and ministry they are working with are sincere and in the right place, and this is a great opportunity to get in some intercultural ministry in the midst of my fundraising.  I am also looking forward to making friends and working with the team from Trinity on the Hill Episcopal church, and we get to bless a family with a home.  So, I ditched my strict ideals of sustainability and decided to follow the Lord’s voice on this.  I know it will be a good decision!

Please pray for our team as we go serve the people of northern Mexico this weekend!

Text 17 Oct Can I borrow your school bus?
As you know, I am on the fast path to full-time ministry in Africa! Part of my job in Zambia will entail driving large trucks with passengers to remote villages to do ministry. I must obtain a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) to do this. I am studying right now for my written test, but there is also a road test that I will undoubtedly fail without practice! I would rather not spend well over $1000 to go to trucker school in Albuquerque (although I am willing to do whatever it takes!)

Now I need YOUR help—if anyone knows a church, or a company, or an individual, or ANYBODY who has access to a large passenger bus with air breaks, along with someone who holds a CDL who would be willing to spend some time teaching this noob how to operate large machinery…please let me know! I would even be willing to negotiate monetary payment if needed.

DM me!!!

Text 3 Oct Building the Team: the Beginnings

I’ve been back in New Mexico for over 2 months now (hard to believe!) and life has been so much better than I could have ever imagined. I have enjoyed spending time with my parents and what few friends I still have living here in town.  Also, I’m enjoying the bliss of my first real fall season in 4 years! (Florida, where I’ve lived since 2009, only has 2 seasons: hot and hotter).  So I’d say life is pretty lovely.

The most exciting bit of my life is the process of joining staff with Overland Missions.  For the past 4 weeks, I have been diving into a process called Ministry Partnership Development.  Essentially, I am inviting friends and family to commit to monthly donations so I can move to Zambia full-time, fully funded.  This process seemed daunting (and at times still does), but God has held my hand every step of the way so far.  Re-connecting with dear friends from church, family members, neighbors, and childhood role models has been incredibly rewarding.  Everyone has been encouraging and supportive and eager to hear what God is doing in Africa.

Thank you to everyone who was able to join my monthly support team, and thanks also to everyone who has been willing to hear my story.

Alright, enough of the gracious and cliche updates.  Let’s get to the good news:

I am RAPIDLY approaching 50%!!!!!!!!!

Now I’m not counting my chickens before they hatch, as my mom would say, but by the end of this week I estimate that I will be there!  I’m just one $25/month commitment away from the big 5-0.  Praise God!

More updates coming soon.  I appreciate your prayers!

Text 23 Sep 4 notes How I Narrowly Avoided Becoming an Angry Feminist

I’ve always told people “I’m a feminist,” and, to avoid being dismissed as a rabid man-hater, I quickly followed the statement with the disclaimer, “but not the angry kind.” 

Lately, however, I wasn’t so sure.


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Video 1 Sep 1 note

This is the view from the spot where I spent time with God in the mornings.  Zambia is my new home.

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